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Virtual Executive Roundtable

22 April | 1.30 PM - 3.00 PM SGT


Proliferation of Technology Drives Redefinition of Work 

About This Virtual Executive Roundtable

Leaders like you are managing through one of the most sweeping crises, calling for both empathy and action to guide your people and businesses through uncertain times. Taking action has meant that companies respond quickly on all fronts, adopt cutting-edge technologies and create ‘Superteams’ where groups of people and intelligent machines work together to solve problems, gain insights, and create value. 

As the future of work rapidly evolves with the proliferation of AI and widespread adoption of other technologies, the new ways of working are driving a redefinition of work and leaders are wrestling with an increasing range of resulting ethical challenges. 

Deloitte’s 2020/21 Human Capital Trends report found that 75% of organisations say ethics in relation to the future of work, are important or very important for their success over the next 12 to 18 months, but only 14% say they are very ready to address this trend.

Key Takeaways

  • Insights to Human Capital Trends and explore how HR leaders can unlock the potential of 'super teams' while presenting their employees' opportunities to reinvent their careers in ways that increase their value to the organisation and the broader talent market. 

  • Learn from HR leaders as they share how organisations can build trust among all stakeholders by combining people and machines to operationalise new working methods and produce transformative business results.

Meeting Agenda


13:30pm SGT

Settle in and Meet the Panel.

Keynote: Ethical Implications of AI and the Future of Work

13:35pm SGT

Leaders are faced with tough ethical issues as the nature of work evolves. How HR leaders can help organisations harness the power of humans and technology together to truly operate as a social enterprise.

Adrian Ole, Executive Director Organization Transformation | Deloitte Consulting

Panel Discussion: Workforce Strategies, Ethics and Future of Work

14:00pm SGT

Over the past decade, leaders have faced an increasing need to grapple with tough ethical issues posed by the future of work. Learn from our guests panelists as they share and discuss all things around workforce and workforce strategies and how HR leaders can align resources within a workforce strategy that help to achieve the goals and outcomes of the business.


Ho Seng Chee, Chief Work & Culture Officer | JustCo
Steven Yudiyantho, Head of Human Capital Talent, Organization and Performance | PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) TBK 
Karim Bouchiba, CHRO AsiaPacific | Air Liquide
Moderated by Rukhsana Pervez, Human Capital Director | Deloitte Consulting
Open Discussion

14:45pm SGT

Live discussion and interaction between the participants and the panelists.


Speaker Panel

Ho Seng Chee

Chief Work &

Culture Officer


Adrian Ole

Executive Director

Organization Transformation


Steven Yudiyantho

Head of Human Capital Talent, Organization and Performance


Rukhsana Pervez

Human Capital



Karim Bouchiba