A Complimentary Webinar Discussion

Real-Time Treasury in the DACH Region
The Regulatory Push, Global Trends & Navigating Data Challenges


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Why This Webinar?

The revolution in real-time financial processing has been spreading across the world, and the European financial industry is already starting to see significant advances into a real-time world. The old world of end-of-day, batch processing with fragmented data distributed across the organisation will not support the demands of real-time. Leading financial firms have started to address real-time through rich intraday insight, consolidated data and instant analytics - turning treasuries into efficient and compliant functions.

Meet The Panel

Marco Fischer

Head of Treasury, Forex & MM Operations


Soumya Sarkar

Head of Treasury


Bernd Kursawe

Managing Director, Head of Product Management Accounts, 

Deposit Products


Pete McIntyre

Financial Services Director

During this webinar we will explore what it means to operate in a real-time treasury world and discuss the implementation challenges in moving to real-time including:

Recent and future changes to financial markets in the area of real‑time and a move to intraday approaches to liquidity management

Experiences from other global markets that have implemented real-time architectures

 Dealing with the challenges of sourcing and managing real-time data

Understanding the technology required to deliver an infrastructure that works intraday rather than end-of-day


Planixs has pioneered in creating real-time treasury solutions for Financial Services.  Our clients range from Tier 1 global banks to single legal entity firms.  Clients use our Realiti® suite of software  to establish intraday control over cash, collateral and liquidity.   Such control brings enormous benefits: intraday liquidity usage is optimised; expensive liquidity buffers can be reduced; operational & credit risk is mitigated; end-of-day funding is more accurate and regulatory compliance assured.


Head-quartered in the UK, Planixs developed the market-leading Realiti suite using its industry leading technology platform and deep experience of cash and liquidity management.  You can find Realiti devotees across Funding & Liquidity Management, Regulatory Compliance, Liquidity Risk, Cash Management and anywhere where real-time insight drives business value.

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