The Path Back to Economic Restoration

Until recently, Corporate Banks in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East have enjoyed a wave of healthy returns and have played a critical role in the region's banking sector, accounting for more than 60% of banking revenues.


Corporate banks are now taking an even more critical - and central - role in economic restoration, given today’s volatile landscape. A new environment is emerging, that is increasingly dependent on funding, reliant on better liquidity management, and facing rising credit risk. Clarity around working capital has become critical. And the need for capital clarity has shifted from driving growth and expansion, to now driving restoration.


This has placed a greater impetus on solving pre-existing legacy system limitations in order to deliver speed, efficiency and the insights that Corporates need right now. Transformation that was already taking hold in this region, will now accelerate further and in the process, expose critical gaps. But in this journey back to recovery, what are the key areas banks should be re-examining and strengthening?


In this webinar with Oracle Financial Services and other industry experts as we discuss three critical actions banks should focus on right now – and the solutions that will get them there. In this webinar, we’ll examine how Corporate Banks can:


  • Deliver faster, more diversified funding through an intelligent credit-decisioning framework

  • Enable a much closer grip on liquidity and cash management through analytics-driven insights

  • Build the right foundation through the right incremental payment modernization strategy

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