2020 | INFOR

Digital Commercial Banking Communications Design

This webinar will examine the impact of global market conditions on commercial banking communication design, the best practices to attract corporate customer interest, as well as competitor intelligence, trends and innovation in leading banks.

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As the impacts of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic continue to evolve in the United States and around the globe, financial institutions that take proactive steps to get customer communications right and ensure all banking services continue to operate with minimal disruption will emerge as winners. 

In a recently conducted INFOR survey that interviewed Global and North American corporate customers of all sizes about their needs for banks statements/reporting, several key issues were addressed that the Commercial Banking Community must focus on to tap into new revenue streams and gain competitive advantage:

  • What the best practices are that attract corporate customer interest?
  • Where do they see innovation in the commercial banking community in the area of digital information, statement design, and customer analytics and reporting?

In response to the current market conditions and the results of this survey, the first webinar of our Commercial Banking series with INFOR, will examine:

  • Global Market Conditions: How does this impact digital commercial banking communication design
  • Communication Best Practices: How to attract corporate customer interest
  • Trend Analysis: How service charges are trending in the market
  • Competitor Intelligence: How are your competitors pricing and communicating their services?
  • Innovation: What information are banks providing their customers in areas such as enhancement statementing, portal access, KPIs, and insight?

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