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Beyond RPA | Apply a Kaizen Approach to Streamline Finance and Accounting

Learn how robust practices and strategies enable CFOs, F&A Leaders, and R2R Process Owners to re-invent existing processes with new robotic and automated processes and game-changing digital solutions to transform the way the Finance Function is managed.

Manage Changing Retail Operations with Real-Time Data

Constantly changing operating requirements have accelerated retail digital transformation. Also, unpredictable demand is making it harder for retailers to purchase and distribute merchandise. Retailers need real-time visibility to data, in order to manage their businesses and survive.

Exposing Operational Challenges in Managing Intraday Liquidity

In these increasingly turbulent conditions, actively managing intraday liquidity is no longer nice to have and a regulatory box-ticking exercise, but a matter of self-protection – and even of survival. Join us for this 60-minute webinar as we expose challenges in managing intraday liquidity.

A 5-Stage Journey Towards a Dynamic AML & Financial Crime Compliance Programme | ANZ Edition

In this webinar, we will discuss current challenges of ANZ Financial Crime and AML professionals and a five-stage journey they need to embrace towards a next-generation anti-financial crime programme, and how to ensure success at each phase.

Revenue Modernization

Disparate pricing & billing processes are costing financial institutions 3-8% of their income due to missed revenue opportunities. Tune in as we sit down with leading industry experts across APAC to discuss why re-looking at your revenue management approach is essential in today's digital landscape.

Advanced Analytics in AML and Financial Crime | Nordic Edition

Get practical examples from regional Nordic banks of how to leverage new technologies to improve all aspects of anti-money laundering programs in this Nordic Edition of "Advanced Analytics in AML & Financial Crime"

Streamline and Scale Lending with API-led Integration

Margins are thin, and substantial loan-loss provisions are constraining profitability at many lenders. The reality is that Lenders can only succeed in this new environment if they streamline digital lending. In this webinar, we explore how to streamline and scale lending with API-led integration.

Revolutionize the Patient Journey in life sciences through APIs

Treatment regimens have become increasingly complex requiring multiple touchpoints across the patient journey. However, Patient Support Programs without real-time support cannot meet patient needs. In this webinar, we discuss how to revolutionize the Patient Journey through APIs.

Análisis Avanzados en la Prevención del Blanqueo de Capitales y Delitos Financieros

Obtenga ejemplos prácticos de los bancos regionales españoles sobre cómo aprovechar las nuevas tecnologías para mejorar todos los aspectos de los programas contra el blanqueo de capitales en esta edición de España de "Análisis avanzado en la Prevención del Blanqueo de Capitales y delitos financieros

Become a Customer-Centric Insurer by Connecting Core Systems

Distribution channels for insurance are shifting to a digital-first approach. Customers expect quotes, data, and a personalized experience from an insurance carrier quickly. Join us for this webinar as we examine how to become a customer-centric insurer in this competitive industry through APIs.

Charting the Path Back to Growth | ANZ Edition

Entering 2020, the operating environment for Australia’s major banks was showing signs of improvement. Then the pandemic happened and disrupted economies across the world. In this webinar, we’ll be examining the impact of the pandemic in the ANZ region.

The Road to Recovery | Staying Afloat is Not an Option

We’re more than halfway through 2020, and now the effects of the pandemic are starting to come into focus for European banking. In this webinar, we’ll be examining the impact of the pandemic in the EU region on corporate banking.

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