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16 August 2022

12 pm South Africa time

Achieve Convergence of Finance & Risk in Banking

Preparing for the bank of the future: enrichment, unification and transparency of transactional data

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Traditionally,  the Risk & Compliance departments were separated from Finance. In  an increasingly competitive and data-driven banking environment, fueled  by increasing regulatory compliance demands, the unification of these  functions is fast becoming a matter of business survival. 

This  unification is desired to ensure the bank's performance is viewed  through both risk and finance attributes simultaneously and at the same  time through the lens of the respective internal players across the  risk-finance-compliance ecosystem. 

The Banks approaching the convergence  of Finance with Risk & Compliance with a data-first perspective stand  to gain competitive advantages against a growing number of incoming  fintech providers. 

A data-first approach allows the business to nimbly  pivot continuous improvements in the said operations while navigating  the need for higher granularity of performance tracking and performance  attribution.

So what are some of the steps you could take today to address the convergence of Risk with Finance?

Join us for this Fireside Chat and:

  • Understand the end-to-end data model that empowers the agile, modern and integrated finance, risk and compliance ecosystem.

  • Gain insights into the data-driven integration of the risk-finance-compliance teams and how to structure the critical workstreams of the data transformation.

  • Explore blueprints of how other financial organizations have tackled this transformation through effective, incremental, and sustainable initiatives.

  • Plan your transformation around pilots that deliver quick results and then prioritizing use cases for short and medium timelines, before defining longer term goals.

Fireside Panelists
This Fireside Chat is created in Partnership with

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