Connect Global Group forums are designed to facilitate the growth and delivery of the most innovative solutions and practices in the financial services industry. We provide a platform for global experts who challenge the status quo to deliver contemporary insights in your field. With multiple opportunities for networking with peers and industry experts, our unique format, makes for an interactive and fun exchange of superior knowledge. 

The dynamic challenges facing the banking sector is really what drives us to ensure that only the most topical issues get our time and attention. We do this with intensive groundwork and examination with senior professionals across the value chain as well as via our thriving community groups who steer our focus and dedicated research.


Join a platform where regulatory bodies, associations, incumbent financial firms and disruptive new fintechs meet, learn, compete and partner up.



Discover an array of contemporary forums for you to Connect, Grow and Gain from.


Discover our range of forums that have taken place over the past year and never miss another. 

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