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Our Partners are crucial to the success of our format bringing cutting edge research and solutions to a number of challenges faced by our attendees.


Since we work with only a handful of  solution providers per event, it's our duty and goal to ensure balanced perspectives and innovations thereby providing our partners the right platform to build their brand and get their ROI.  

Our range of sponsorship opportunities are constantly evolving alongside our dedication to achieve real value for both our partners and our audience.

If you are a solution provider, advisory, consulting firm and you lead a transformational product / practice then we would love to connect with you.


Our speaker rostrum for every event features a blend of leading subject matter experts driving the agenda of each event's focus area within their organisations. These can include specialists developing the business cases for cutting edge customer experience, innovation, operational efficiency and/or digital transformation. The result; balanced programmes of practical insight. 


Are you are a thought leader/Industry specialist with content that you believe would benefit our group? 


Our forums focus on the top priority challenges facing a particular area of the financial sector at a single time, ensuring that you only meet industry peers facing the same challenges you are.


Attending one of our forums, therefore, not only allows you to Connect with some truly exceptional global professionals, but also Grow from their innovative insights and Gain from some meaningful partnerships.


Become a Connector and join thousands of professionals who benefit from our platforms.


We partner with some of the leading media agencies who not only strengthen our market reach and visibility, but also allows us grow the Connect Community and add the much needed depth and injection of new ideas and commentary to our events. 


We believe that those  who continuously learn and evolve swiftly will gain the ultimate competitive advantage. In order to help firms achieve their strategic goals, we tailor our trainings to the needs and challenges of our clients.

Set in a class room format with a limited attendee group of max 10-12 at a time, we ensure that the course is structured to be conducted openly, addressing the key challenges while incorporating the groups experiences and individual insight.


All our courses are delivered by expert trainers who have considerable academic and vocational experience, ensuring they bring both thought leadership and practical experience to the trainings.

Are you a trainer who would like to work with us?


With so many platforms available for the exchange of ideas and best practice, there can sometimes be more noise than real, pragmatic insight for the purpose of growth and networking. The CGG Community breaks this mould by offering a fresh space for the discussion and debate among peers.

Becoming a member gives you the opportunity to contribute to community discussions and  blog posts, access member only content and get first rights to niche insider events. You will also learn about our upcoming forums before the wider community - giving you the benefit of limited early bird discounts, as well as chance to win a ticket to our forums in our monthly draw.

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