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Virtual Executive Roundtable


23 September 2021

11.00 AM - 12.30 PM EDT

About This Virtual Executive Roundtable

A highly digital world is also one fraught with many risks. The pandemic has created just that world for us.  As we navigate through these unprecedented times, as a business, it is crucial to be prepared to deal with increase in cyber-attacks and threats, given its significant impact to those who are underwriting cyber risk and businesses they are insuring.


We are in a tipping point where Cyber Risk is starting to be seen as one of the most important risk that will be assessed in all major transactions, partnerships and decisions given where its headed.

While certain legislative and regulatory changes take effect slowly, there is an opportunity for insurers, brokers, and reinsurers to play a critical role in establishing a new norm. This requires a comprehensive rethink within the insurance industry to continually understand and driving prevention as a core philosophy to address the changing risk equation for businesses.

We believe, a collaborative effort across the industry can help unearth value and can add to this renewed thinking and identify new opportunities. This peer-to-peer roundtable aims to enable an open dialogue on the intensifying cyber risk and challenges it poses to the insurance industry and explore future focused possibilities to tackle these challenges.

Meeting Agenda

11:00 am EDT 
Welcome & Introductions
11:05 am EDT 
Current and future state of cyber risk including key challenges faced by organizations today
11:25 am EDT 
Imagineering Cyber Insurance driven by technology and ecosystem thinking
11:35 am EDT  
Open Discussion: Future focused collaborative exploration and exchange of insights and ideas
12:25 am EDT  
Closing Remarks 

Roundtable Speakers

Prab Pitchandi

Global Head, Chief Data Officer Initiatives - BFSI



Dr. Yuval Elovici

Director Telekom Innovation Laboratories


Irfan Mohamed

Head of Solutions & Innovation, BFSI Chief Data Officer Strategic Initiatives,



Panel Attendees include Regional Heads from

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