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To facilitate "Open Banking", ACI presents two solutions that can help the banks and Fintechs achieve any innovation strategy or project in a secure but open environment: PRM (Payments Risk Management) and UPF Framework with API Manager (Application Program Interface) solutions. ACI Proactive Risk Manager for Enterprise Risk is a comprehensive crime management solution that uses predictive analytics and expertly defined rules to help financial institutions like you successfully identify and mitigate financial fraud and money-laundering schemes. Designed specifically to combat identity theft, account takeover and other fast-growing threats, it helps minimize loss and uncover more fraud faster. On the other hand, the API manager works within the UP Framework to isolate your back-end systems while enabling new services to be exposed from them via Open APIs. ACI has combined its strength and heritage in delivering a mission-critical, real-time payments infrastructure, with the market-leading orchestration and integration capabilities built into the API manager capabilities for UP Framework to deliver a unique isolation layer. The API manager's intelligent orchestration capabilities ensure a layer protects your traditional processes from the unpredictability of open banking: new TPPs accessing account data, new payments types and new services.


ACI Worldwide

Principal Consultant

Eduardo Ávalos

ACI Worldwide

Payments Risk Senior Solutions Consultant

 Karen Arroyo

Executives from ACI Worldwide discuss how:

Customer expectations, competitive pressures and regulatory demands are combining to provide a catalyst for open banking. ACI offers solutions to banks tin order to facilitate this new banking ecosystems

PRM is an ACI solution that brings security to this open environment

API Manager combined with UP Framework provides universal connectivity to integrate globally with services and endpoints through the standards-based API management solution built on modern technology and designed for payments

ACI Universal Payments

With ACI's Universal Payments — UP — portfolio of solutions, we make fast, simple and secure payments possible around the world by connecting more ways to pay with more payment capabilities than any other provider.

UP solutions deliver the performance, security and scalability you need to succeed today – and tomorrow. With UP, your payment possibilities are unlimited.