A Complimentary Webinar Discussion

Commercial Treasury Series | Real-Time Treasury Edition

Treasury Operational Capabilities

What looks good, how to achieve it and what are the benefits

Wednesday, 9 September 2020 - 12pm EDT

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Why This Webinar?

The ongoing pandemic has again raised the age-old questions around treasury departments and their need to have access to real-time intraday data.

Although a pandemic is not the only reason a bank should look at its capabilities – it has highlighted the need for a real-time intraday messaging. However, the more pressing questions are what looks good from a system, process, and governance perspective, as well as what is expected from the regulator, and how do banks compare against each other when it comes to running a treasury department? The end goal however is to become a treasury department that is efficient, compliant and maximising benefits. Many leading organisations are already benefiting from access data real time, intraday but, what does this really mean and how do you achieve it?


In response to this, the third webinar in our Commercial Treasury Series with INFOR will look to address:

  • What a good treasury department looks like

  • What tools are needed in order to achieve this

  • The benefits to a treasury department that has access to data intraday and real time

Meet the Webinar Panel

Frank Sansone

Treasurer, SVP - Head of Treasury

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Pranvera Kapaj

SVP Treasury


Bruce Edlund

Senior Director, Assistant Treasurer


Thomas Braun

Head of CUSO Liquidity & Funding RIsk


Nick Applebee

Financial Services Consultant


Joan P. Cheney

Managing Director | Risk & Financial Advisory


Panel Moderation By


Byron Byrd

Director, Financial Services & Banking Solutions Strategy


During this 60 minute webinar our  panel of  experts will discuss:

What a good treasury department looks like

What tools are needed in order to achieve this

The benefits to a treasury department who has access to data intraday and real time


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