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Thursday, 02 February 2023
12 pm GST

Embedded Banking: Opportunity Beyond Your Core

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Why Attend?

With an estimated $7 trillion market opportunity, embedded banking is the next big thing. With extended and personalised consumer centric services like buy-now-pay-later, proactive lending offers, etc., these new embedded financial services are paving the route towards a new financial ecosystem.

Embedded banking is opening a new era of financial services by reconfiguring the banking value chain and accelerating growth through digital transformation. Banks and financial services providers can now reach a greater number of customers at significantly lower cost. Non- banking companies like retailers, telcos, insurers, etc act as ‘distributers’ and are playing their part by helping in opening new lines of revenue while building deeper relationships with the customers.

Join this webinar and learn what extended revenue opportunities lie beyond your core and how banks can navigate through their digital transformation journey.

The Key Take-Aways

Embedded banking: the next big thing

How to monetize embedded Banking?

Growth opportunities within embedded banking i.e., bank accounts and payments, POS financing, etc.

Selecting the rights partners, i.e., FinTechs, Distributers, etc.


The Webinar Panel

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