Wednesday, June 22, 2022
4:00 PM SGT

Orchestration of the Lending Harmony

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Why Attend?

Finance as we know is going through a transformational Pivot and Lending as a core function is no different. It is imperative Corporate Lending stake holders as Borrower/Lenders/Agents ensure their processes are not out of tune and out of time. Banks need to ensure the lending process is Integrated and harmonized, transparent, efficient and automated, orchestrating the best possible experience for the end-user.

The future of finance is open with Customer Centricity at its core. Lending must be comprehensive and the focus should be on creating a digital lending symphony through open integration, open collaboration and partnerships for long term excellence.

The way forward is End-to-end lending. Lenders must be able to connect and integrate the entire corporate loan process- all the way from loan originations Book-Running through decisioning to servicing which will empower them to identify the best opportunities sooner, enhance customer communication, reduce errors and ultimately increase revenue.

The Key Take-Aways

Asymmetry in harmony – End to End Lending Challenges

Orchestration of a Symphony – E2E Lending Ecosystem

Open API Capabilities – Emphasis & Values

Book – Running & Investor Relations

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The Webinar Panel

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