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Tuesday, December 14, 2021
11am GMT | 12pm CET

Rebooting the Core of Banking

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Why attend

Banking is at a point of inflection. Solving legacy challenges, bringing business clarity and technological viability can seem like a moonshot.  Rebooting the core of banking requires transforming beyond the technology and asking: How are you going to do things differently? How can you further embrace an ecosystem approach to growth? How will you hedge the profitability disruption ahead?

Predictability, reliability, and repeatability need to be constants through continuous innovation, and to achieve an answer that is scaled, systemized, and safe becomes dependent on an infrastructure that goes beyond extending what you have, to building what you need, to deliver on the customer’s endgame. 

Join us in the conversation as we drive what’s needed to reboot the core of banking. 

The key take-aways

Why a digital core banking platform is imperative to navigate the continual shapeshifts in banking

 How banking will be redefined by cloud services and the emerging cloud ecosystem

Why next generation banking architecture is necessary for building the future of banking services

And many more...


The webinar panel

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