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Thursday, 1 April
1pm Singapore | 4pm Sydney

Staying Compliant in the New Era of Anti-Money Laundering in Asia

More Regulations, Better Tools

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Why attend

Regulators throughout Asia are stepping up their anti-money laundering requirements for financial institutions. Indonesia is piloting GoAML among a number of commercial banks, while Thailand is preparing to amend its AML laws to increase consistency with international standards and the Philippines is facing pressure from FATF to amend its laws as well.

In this webinar, leading anti-money laundering experts discuss how chief compliance officers at financial institutions can "future proof" their AML programs by implementing key best practices that will increase effectiveness and efficiency, even as regulations change

The key take-aways

Getting a handle on data: How unified, context-appropriate data can lead to deeper insights and more accurate risk scores. We'll also discuss the benefits of leveraging third-party data

Consolidating the AML backend: How moving from disparate systems to a unified platform for KYC/Customer Due Diligence (CDD), monitoring, detection, investigation, and reporting can increase decision accuracy, control costs, and provide an end-to-end view of compliance operations

Bringing in advanced analytics: How machine learning, graph analytics, robotic process automation, and natural language processing can be leveraged for AML

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The webinar panel

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