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Explore, download, and read our growing library of whitepapers.  These long-form PDFs aim to showcase the key highlights from our ongoing discussions with industry leaders across our events and meetings.




Fees and Expense Management

Featuring views of industry leaders from Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Danske Bank, Mizuho, ING, State Street, Citi, Helix, and SmartStream.

Fees and Expense ManagementWhitepaper.png

Efficient management of external fees and expenses, incurred within daily operations, is key to today’s financial institutions. The way forward lies in data-driven decision-making and delivering cost transparency, while the front-office, operations, network management, procurement, and many more departments throughout the organisation have a role to play too.


But how do you achieve maturity in dealing with brokerage, clearing & exchange (BC&E)? How do you facilitate strategic management of fees? Is it better to have the required technology and talent in-house or work with 3rd-party-vendors?

We gave banking leaders the opportunity to address current challenges in managing fees and expense management, and exchange best practices that are driving business profitability and cost-efficiency.


African Continental Free Trade Agreement

Featuring views of industry leaders from ABSA, Crowns Agent Bank, Afreximbank, ETG, Standard Bank, and Finastra

Whitepaper  African Continental Free Trade Agreement.png

From corporate treasurers, to banks, the implications of a fully utilised free trade agreement across Africa could lead to tomorrow's biggest opportunities, but are you ready today?

In response to this we gathered a panel of experts for a digital roundtable to discuss:

  • The priorities for corporate treasurers, how they will take advantage of the free trade agreement.

  • Some of the challenges that corporates and banks will face as a result of increased trade, then how new digital solutions can play a part as the market progresses.

  • What technologies the banks are looking at in order to support corporates’ needs, and how ready banks are to adapt to these needs and support trade.




Better Banking

Featuring views of industry leaders from The Financial Brand, NatWest, BJSS, Bank of Ireland, Pancreta Bank, Sparkasse, and Infosys Finacle

Better Banking  Whitepaper.png

The pandemic has forced many industries to innovate, and banking is no exception. While technologies were already evolving before the virus struck, digital adoption undeniably accelerated due to the changes that occurred since the pandemic first broke out. 


To assess the banking industry in the post-pandemic world, we held a roundtable discussion to talk about the results of Jim Marous’ “Innovation in Retail Banking” study. It covered more than 500 organisations to analyse the effects of COVID-19 on the digital transformation of banks. Key topics that were discussed included:


  • Trends in the banking industry

  • Key findings on innovation in banking

  • Succeeding in digital transformation

  • Redefining customer experience post-pandemic


Building a Better Digital Bank

Featuring views of industry leaders from First Horizon Bank, Key Bank, Valley Bank, Celent, and Oracle Financial Services

Digital Banking Thinkathon North America Whitepaper.png

Even before the pandemic, digitization was already quickly disrupting the banking industry. 2017 saw the rise of fintech services, with investments exceeding $22 billion between 2010 to 2017. These emerging players quickly posed a threat to the banks as they offered instant services and appealed to customers’ digital lifestyles.


Fast forward to 2020, and COVID-19 has once again accelerated the need for banks to go digital.

With that in mind, we gathered a panel of digital banking industry experts across the US to discuss:


  • Banking in the new normal and balancing physical and digital channels

  • Leveraging technology to transform banking

  • Key developments and trends impacting the industry


Resetting the Banking Model

Featuring views of industry leaders from Erste Group, Bank of Ireland, BRD Societe Generale, Euro Banking Association, Celent, and Infosys Finacle

Resetting the Banking Model  Whitepaper.png

With the uncertainty that 2020 has brought, banks have had to be versatile in their response to the pandemic. It has been observed that heavily digital organizations handled the pandemic better than those with less tech integration.


With that in mind, leading bank executives from around Europe were invited this April to discuss:


  • Year Recap for Financial Industry

  • Purposeful Banking Notions Versus Profit Seeking Notions

  • The Roles of Various Different Bank Channels and Distribution as a Whole

  • Open Banking, Partnerships with Fintechs, and Collaborations with Tech Giants

  • Exciting Innovations that Could Benefit the Larger Audience




Responding to Market Changes

Featuring views of industry leaders from UniCredit, Banco Sabadell, Silicon Valley Bank, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Erste Group, and Infosys Finacle

Responding to Market Changes  Whitepaper.png

When the COVID-19 crisis hit firms throughout the globe, the corporate world’s first reaction was to focus on survival: Free up cash and resources to keep the lights on and the doors open. Organisations rushed to secure cash and liquidity, so they could keep operations running amid the significant disruption that shook the market and overall economy.


In response to this, we brought together industry thought leaders to address current themes that are helping reshape virtual account management and cash management services for the better, including: 

  • Challenges Faced by Financial Institutions and Companies Around Cash Management

  • Priorities of Financial Institutions, Corporations, and the Banking Sector in a Post-Pandemic World

  • Use of APIs and Open Banking to Integrate Financial Services