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Building a Better Digital Bank | UK & EU

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About the Whitepaper

Whilst the industry’s developments were progressing at a steady pace, COVID-19 acted as a catalyst for rapid and urgent change.

What we are now seeing is a fast shift towards global Digital Banking, with the rise of new generation digital banks as well as traditional banks completely reassessing their service to adapt to the new change.

In response to this we gathered industry experts from the UK & EU Market to provide valuable insight into:
- Developing an international presence and how to navigate the challenges that can occur
- The rise of new generation digital banks alongside the digital transformations of traditional banks
- The key to successful digital implementation in the face of changing consumer needs

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About our Partner

Banks can reinvent, build from scratch, or pivot to respond to changes in the industry by customizing the most critical components of their banking ecosystem. Oracle’s cloud-enabled platform provides the flexibility to safely and profitably scale and innovate to continuously reimagine banking.

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