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Virtual Executive Roundtable

Looking Beyond the Headwinds with Intelligent Planning and Forecastings


16 June 2022



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Many Australia and New Zealand banks have come out strong from the recent pandemic, yet a vast majority don’t have a return on their cost of capital. As economic conditions improve and interest rates rise, how well- suited are financial institutions to address flexibility and speed in continuous planning? The struggle continues to provide rolling forecasting due to inaccurate data, inflexible models or applications, incomplete scenario support, and lack of integration.

Building profitable growth consists of constructing an optimal portfolio of products and enabling services. The process starts with enabling the business users to assess portfolios in terms of both expected return and risk, keeping in mind the bank’s target growth rate and risk appetite. This allows the ability to define & track at the detailed level the target profit growth within limits acceptable to a bank’s risk appetite.

Join us for an exclusive roundtable discussion on strategies for growing profit and capital holistically with optimal planning and forecasting.

Key Discussion Points
  • The necessity to plan with speed, agility, and accuracy

  • Best practices in model building to identify internal and external drivers

  • How Australia and New Zealand banks can enable profitable growth

  • Use of technology for integration and collaboration

Meeting Agenda

1.00 pm AEST

Welcome and Introductions | Connect Global Group

1.05 pm AEST

Let's set the Scene  | Oracle Financial Services

1.10 pm AEST

Open Discussion | Live discussion and interaction between roundtable attendees and panelists

2.15 pm AEST

Closing Remarks | Connect Global Group

Executive Roundtable Panel
Executive Roundtable Participants from
About our Partner

Oracle’s risk, finance & compliance solutions provide a fine-grain view of integrated analytics across risk, finance, treasury, customer, and compliance to achieve profitable growth. This allows users to view NII, NIM, ROE, LCR, NSFR, Capital Ratios, RWA etc. for every what-if scenario as part of the planning process. Furthermore, a careful and thorough analysis using advanced analytics ensures an in-depth analysis of key risk metrics such as risk-adjusted assessment of all entities.

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