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Virtual Executive Roundtable

Path To Value For P27: Payments As a Service

How can Nordic banks and financial institutions accelerate adoption of the P27 platform, whilst creating value for their business customers by switching to real-time payments processing as a service?


13 April, 2021



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All eyes are focused on the Nordic region as a major payment initiative unfolds, transforming all payments into real-time. The scale of innovation is likely to be a first in payments and it is happening soon. This is no longer a distant future as both P27 and TIPS will become available in the first half of 2022.

The P27 Payment Platform will create a shared, real-time payment infrastructure replacing multiple domestic clearing systems. This is more than just a technological journey; it will require a totally new mindset for adoption.

For corporates and merchants, this will result in reduced payment costs and fees, more efficient and simpler payment processes both locally and internationally. There has never been a better opportunity to review how your organization could utilize payment automation and bank connectivity for even further efficiencies.

A recent report by Cap Gemini states that for many banks “Payments-as-a-Service has become the option of choice for cost effectiveness and go-to-market speed as bespoke payment technology stacks struggle to accommodate dynamic regulatory and technology updates”. As the region moves towards P27 phase 1 delivery, fast-adopter banks will benefit from new services to corporates and small businesses. Learn how to accelerate innovation and digital transformation with a seamless path to P27 payments.

Key Discussion Points
  • Why payments modernization is essential to achieve the objectives of P27 project

  • The global trend towards Payments as a Service (PaaS) in the cloud

  • Future benefits including the value of ISO 20022 standards

  • How banks can add value over time by simplifying and removing friction in cross-border payments in a single service, across multiple currencies

  • Practical examples of how to be P27 ready and generate value to business customers

Meeting Agenda

12.00 pm CET 

Welcome and Introductions | Connect Global Group

12.10 am CET  

Open Discussion | Live discussion and interaction between roundtable attendees and panelists

13.25 pm CET  

Closing Remarks | Volante Technologies

Executive Roundtable Panel
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Volante Technologies is the leading global provider of cloud payments and financial messaging solutions to accelerate digital transformation. We serve as a trusted partner to over 100 banks, financial institutions, market infrastructures, clearing houses, and corporate treasuries in 35 countries. Our solutions and services process millions of transactions and trillions in value every day, powering four of the top five corporate banks, 40% of all US commercial bank deposits, and 70% of worldwide card traffic.

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