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14 September 2022

12pm Gulf Standard Time

10 Key Factors to consider When Launching a Digital Bank

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The  rapid advance of technology and seemingly endless access to venture  capital has made the process of launching a fintech easier than ever.

Little wonder then that billions of dollars have been invested in fintech. However, are fintechs the same as banks?

Many  startups operate, using Mark Zuckerberg's prime directive to his  developers, under a motto of "move fast and break things". Banks, as  regulated entities, try not to break things, as customers tend to get  upset when their finances are broken.

Is there a way to blend the  two? Is it possible to successfully blend the dynamism of the startup  world with the security and stability of banking? Are digital banks the  answer? Many have tried, some have been successful. And what about the  established banks? Can they import some of that fintech magic and use it  to renew their operations? Can they do it without suffocating the  innovation?

The answer should be yes, but the challenge is how to get it right.

Join  this Fireside Chat as we review the most important factors to consider in launching a  digital bank.

Key discussin take-aways

  • Great insights for new digital banks and banks launching a digital spinoff

  • Balancing the stability of banking and digital innovation

  • Hear from industry experts and leading Fintech's

  • Exclusive access to a new report on the Top 10 mistakes

Fireside Panelists
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