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Thursday, 07 December, 2023
1 pm GMT

2024: The Year of APP Fraud Prevention

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Why attend

In 2024 the UK will become the first nation globally to implement mandatory refunding of victims of APP Fraud. This will fundamentally change the industry in ensuring that financial institutions are responsible for the costs associated with APP Fraud with a shared liability between sending and receiving banks involved in the transaction.

In this webinar panel we will discuss the impact of the new regulations in terms of how fraud might evolve, including a potential rise in first party fraud, and how banks can collaborate on preventing fraud from occurring through a combination of consumer education, real-time payment modelling and collaborative investigations.

We will also discuss how banks can be ready for the new regulations in terms of their technical estate and operational processes and how inbound screening will result in an increase in the volume of alerts being generated.

The key take-aways

The reality of the current state of the industry in readiness to meet the demands of the new APP Fraud rules

How fraud will change with the introduction of the new APP Fraud rules

How banks can prepare for the new APP Fraud rules both technically and operationally

And many more


The webinar panel

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