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Tuesday, December 7, 2021
12 PM EST | 9 AM PST

Banking in 2022 and Beyond

What does the future hold for Customer Experience

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Why attend

Savvy customers are no longer staying with their financial institutions in the hopes that they'll eventually offer the products and services they want. In fact, many have accounts at multiple institutions to meet their varying needs.

With end-users leading the way in so many industries, what will the future hold for the financial space?

The key take-aways

Reflect on how customers navigate saving, spending, and investing in today's landscape

Point out the latest trends in this industry and beyond - from Buy Now, Pay Later to ultra personalized products

Place their bets on what the customer experience will look like in the future

And many more...


The webinar panel

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This webinar is in partnership with


Mambu is the SaaS banking platform that is changing financial services. This rapidly growing company was launched in 2011 and is enabling customers to build modern banking and lending offerings fast, securely and simply. Through its composable approach, the platform gives customers the ability to design and service nearly any financial product while rapidly integrating to the best-of-service ecosystem of complementary solutions around the world. Mambu has a global network of over 500 employees that supports 180 customers in over 65 countries. It counts N26, OakNorth, ABN AMRO and Orange amongst its extensive list of customers.

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