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Thursday, 13 June, 2024
12:30 pm BST

Breaking the Trilogy Curse - Will PSD3 be the best sequel yet for European payments?

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Why attend

The PSD3 directive is set to significantly reshape how financial transactions are handled across Europe. As organisations gear up for its implementation, understanding not only the impact from a compliance perspective but also the strategic adaptations necessary becomes crucial.

Join us as we examine the unique challenges and opportunities PSD3 presents for non-bank entities. Delve into how to navigate a new regulatory landscape, one that promises a more level playing field between all the players in the payments space. The webinar will also address the critical balance between the operational and financial impacts of PSD3 compliance against its anticipated benefits.

Hear from our panellists on how to prepare for the PSD3 transition, as we discuss the potential for innovation in the payment sector, and strategies for operating in a more regulated environment.

The key take-aways

Gain insights into how organisations can proactively prepare for PSD3's transposition into national legislation, ensuring timely compliance.

Learn about the current challenges non-banks face in dealing with commercial banks and how PSD3 aims to create a more equitable environment

Analyse whether the financial and operational burdens of complying with PSD3 are justified by its potential benefits, particularly for smaller market players

And many more


The webinar panel

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This webinar is in partnership with


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