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Wednesday, May 25, 2022
12:00 PM SGT

Driving Sustainable Revenue Growth in Wealth Management

Powering the Next Stage of Growth Through Pricing and Revenue Management - Webinar Series

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Why attend

Asia is one of the largest and fastest growing segments in the wealth space, with a quarter of the world’s billionaires spread across China [including Hong Kong] and India alone. This presents a huge opportunity for wealth managers in Asia, especially since research has shown that only 20% of all the wealth in Asia is tapped by the wealth management industry, with a majority of holdings in cash and deposits.

With the intensifying competition for the same wealth segments and pressure from regulators to reduce transaction fees and increase pricing transparency, it is important for banks to have a clear value proposition with optimal pricing strategy to maintain loyalty. Increasingly, clients are also expecting banks to offer high convenience of digital services through multi-channel apps and personalized banking and wealth advisory services.

In this webinar, we will explore key wealth management trends and ways to drive sustainable revenue growth for banks in this space.

The key take-aways

Know how a combined view of product and pricing management with intelligent price modelling and recommendations is fundamental for accelerating growth.

Learn from industry experts on how your financial institution can launch innovative and aggressive pricing offerings faster and with ease.

Know the importance of ‘pricing’ and how it can act as a differentiator for banks to acquire and retain customers.

Learn how to optimize and increase revenue while driving value.


The webinar panel

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SunTec is the world’s No. 1 pricing and billing company that creates value for enterprises through its Cloud-based products. More than 130 clients in 45+ countries rely on SunTec to provide hyper-personalized products, offers, pricing, loyalty programs, tax compliance, and billing for over 400 million end-customers. SunTec products are based on our cloud-native and cloud-agnostic, API first, micro-services-based proprietary platform, Xelerate and are delivered on-premise, on private cloud and as SaaS. SunTec has global operations including the USA, UK, Germany, UAE, Singapore, Canada, Australia.

Simon-Kucher & Partners

Simon-Kucher is a global consultancy with a clear focus on top-line growth. We have over 35 years of experience with more than 1700 employees in 42 countries worldwide, delivering measurable revenue and profit growth topics for our clients from all industries and regions. Our specialized Financial Services practice supports international financial institutions in their revenue growth and pricing strategy. We work on all monetization topics from pricing strategies, customer segmentation, user experience, value proposition, offer design, and packaging, to negotiation techniques, and sales excellence.

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