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Thursday, 27 April 2023
12 pm BST

Empathetic lending: putting customers at the heart of your processes

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Why attend

The lending landscape is in a state of turbulence. Crises are nothing new to the 2020s, from the COVID-19 pandemic to last year’s turbulent mini budget, the sector is finding fertile ground on which to innovate, alongside economic and behavioural concerns to address.

Unstoppable digital forces and disruptive new competition is continuing to shake the sector, and lenders face a delicate balancing act: seeking to help consumers who are under enormous strain, whilst still doing what is best for their business.

It is clear that this shift is making rapid product innovation in lending a necessity to stay ahead – but at the heart of this sit your customers, where successful innovation will be measured by the degree to which future lending products better enable them to navigate their way through difficult economic terrain, purchase their first home and meet their future goals.

It is time for financial institutions to make a commitment to empathetic lending, by putting customers at the heart of your lending model and prioritising the support for those who need it most. There are numerous opportunities to be gained if lenders think creatively, but with events changing on a daily basis, how can you weather the lending storm?

The key take-aways

Challenges and opportunities in the current lending landscape

Creating agile lending products and agreements

Understanding customer journeys to create an empathetic lending process

Putting consumers at the heart of your lending model


The webinar panel

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We are more than just a leader of financial technology.

Sopra Banking Platform and Sopra Financing Platform are designed to answer the needs of financial institutions across the globe: large banking groups, neobanks, lenders, auto dealers, payment institutions and many more. We help navigate challenging and changing times, by guiding them through their digital transformation with our solutions and a strong commitment to collaboration.

We’re building our solutions based on the latest technologies to support our clients in their transformation and take the complexity away, so they can focus on what is really important to them.

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