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Thursday, 18 July, 2024
12:30 pm EDT

Encouraging ISO 20022 adoption in the US

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Why attend

As the major US payment networks switch to ISO 20022 formatted payment transactions, banks are undertaking the necessary implementation projects. Following the respective implementation plans, adhering to specifications and ultimately ensuring to be compliant with ISO 20022 by the anticipated migration date.

Instead of elaborating on the implementation, this session aims to explore the benefits at the end of the journey.

During the webinar panel discussion, we will explore the value proposition of ISO 20022 in general, dive into the advantages for corporate clients and look into the reuse of structured data from the invoice to automate payments.

Last year, the Fed together with the Business Payment Coalition, launched a pilot to introduce structured data along the trade cycle. We will discuss the work of Fed and the Business Payment Coalition in the context of the E-remittance Exchange Pilot, ambitions and purpose, what conclusions have been drawn, what are the next steps and how this encourages the adoption of ISO 20022. What roles can banks play in enabling e-remittance and structured payments for their clients?

From a bank’s perspective we will explore plans to capitalise on rich and structured ISO data. The end-state of the E-invoice exchange pilot, how it would look like and what the client expectation is on ISO20022 payments.

We will deep dive into the role of structured data elements in the corporate trade cycle, what challenges we can anticipate and how we can prepare for the future. We will discuss Opportunities and realizable value for participants, and the role financial institutions can play to enable digitized trade cycles and enable automatic reconciliation for their corporate clients.

The key take-aways

How can banks offer value to their clients based on rich payment information?

How do ISO data elements link up with purchase order and invoice?

What roles can financial institutions play in enabling digitized trade cycles and facilitating automatic reconciliation for their corporate clients?

How can banks capitalize on their investment in ISO 20022?


The webinar panel

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