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Tuesday, 26 March, 2024
1 pm CET

How can banks meet the new EU regulations governing instant payments?

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Why attend

The clock is ticking for the EU Instant Payments regulation, which has received the green light from the EU Parliament on 7 February. This pivotal regulation aims to revolutionize payment transfers across the EU, ensuring that retail clients and businesses receive funds immediately while enhancing transfer safety. Banks and PSPs have been given 9 months to ensure their readiness to receive instant credit transfers in euro, and 18 months to commence sending them.

In this webinar our panel of experts will discuss the following:

🔴Impact of Instant Payments Regulation: Discover how this regulation will shape banks’ strategies, infrastructure, and services. From real-time transfers to enhanced security, we’ll explore the implications.
🔴Practical Steps for Compliance: Learn about the necessary tools and processes to ensure adherence to the Instant Payments regulation. Anti-fraud measures, sanctions checks, and identity verification play a crucial role.
🔴Navigating Non-Compliance Consequences: What penalties might banks and PSPs face if they fail to meet the mandate? We’ll discuss potential repercussions and the importance of compliance.
🔴Unlocking Value with Instant Payments: Explore value-added services that leverage instant payments for better business outcomes. Efficiency, customer experience, and competitive advantage are on the agenda.

Register now to learn more about the impact of the SEPA instant payments mandate and the challenges banks face on their compliance journey.

The key take-aways

Understand Impact of Instant Payments Regulation

Explore Practical Steps for Compliance

Navigate Non-Compliance Consequences

Unlock Value with Instant Payments


The webinar panel

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