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Thursday, 25 February 2021
12 pm EST | 9 am PST

How Modern Enterprise Billing And Pricing Drives Commercial Banking Success

Building Services that Respond to your Customers' Needs

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Why attend

As the recent uptick in bank mergers has picked up, there is increased pressure within banks to differentiate their offerings from the shrinking competition and new market entrants. Banks focused on their commercial customers that take proactive steps to bring in digital innovation in treasury management services will emerge as winners.

Banks need to be able to respond to these new terms of competition. For commercial bankers, these pressures come from customers who are also under increasing pressure to manage the banking relationship more efficiently and to achieve better cash management and financial control. And because commercial customers now have access to more powerful analytic tools, they’re equipped to hold their bankers to higher standards of transparency, service, risk control, and accountability than ever before.

Corporate treasurers are now positioned to scrutinize their banks for answers to questions like:
■ What are we paying for treasury management services?
■ What are we getting for what we pay?
■ What is that worth?
■ Should we be buying or paying for some other mix of services?

This webinar, a continuation of our Commercial Treasury series, will focus on how banks can respond to these emerging priorities:
👉🏼Understanding Your Customers and Their Needs: How can data analytics and insight provide critical customer intelligence to increase profit margins and manage expenses? How can you seamlessly apply insights from the bank’s billing and pricing system to shape customer propositions that optimize both service and profitability? How can you plug revenue leaks and increase revenue that resulted from things like excessive concession pricing, outdated pricing schemes, unjustified waivers, and more?
👉🏼Bundling Services To Create Attractive Commercial Packages: What areas of innovation can provide packages of services to commercial customers? And, how can that service package be measured and adjusted as business conditions evolve, so that the bank improve the customer’s business prospects and reduces the risk for itself?
👉🏼Developing Behavior-Based Market Segmentation: What insights can be gained from the history of transactions of a commercial banking customer can provide valuable insights to bankers to interpret past activity to forecast future requirements?
👉🏼Digital Reporting: How can banks engage their most digitally savvy commercial customers with real-time, detailed, on-demand reporting of services and fees?
👉🏼Achieving mutual benefit: How can banks serve themselves best by providing their commercial customers with detailed knowledge and flexibility while also, in turn, helping the banks reduce risk by achieving capital requirements that contribute to a stable, secure business environment for both in the long term?

The key take-aways

Understanding Your Customers and Their Needs

Bundling Services To Create Attractive Commercial Packages

Developing Behavior-Based Market Segmentation

Digital Reporting and Ways to Achieve Mutual Benefit


The webinar panel

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