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Wednesday, 9 November 2022
2 pm Egypt | 2 pm South Africa | 3 pm Kenya

Market Volatility: Is Agility the Answer?

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Why attend

Finastra invites you to a webinar discussion introducing Agility as a solution to the volatility we see in the market.

This is a volatile world. We conduct business in an environment increasingly riddled with instability & unpredictability.

However, making predictions is essential to decision making. Whether anticipating future demand, marshalling resources to meet that demand, locking in supplies today for needs tomorrow, or agreeing a price today based on expectations of tomorrow, making predictions about the future is the core of every business.

In financial services, predicting the future is even more important and banks across the African continent are being faced by these looming uncertainties:
• Will inflation & interest rates keep rising?
• How will it impact customers’ ability to pay back loans?
• Will assets hold and maintain their value?
• How will the energy crises impact small businesses and households?
• How can financial institutions in Africa remain agile under the threat of global recession?

Join our industry experts and guest speakers as they delve into not only these challenges but the very opportunities and solutions that exist and are being utilized to ride wave of volatility with greater ease and agility. Hear more about how to use technology as an enabler of your ambitions rather than as drag on your organization.

Let us explore how banks can respond quickly, manage disruption rapidly and take advantage of opportunities fast.

The key take-aways

How Agility is the solution to the volatility we are seeing in the market.

How it is more than just a way to counter the challenges.

How it is a means to turbocharge your ability to capitalize on the opportunities that are being created every day.

And many more


The webinar panel

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