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Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
3 pm BST

Modernizing the Technology for Annuity and Insurance business

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Why attend

The rapidly evolving digital landscape is pushing life and annuity insurers to modernize their outdated systems. Despite progress, the sector still lags in core system modernization, which may pose risk and hinder advancement. Most significantly, in areas such as managing alternative assets, complex structured products, analytics and hedging. Existing systems are often inadequate, not scalable, and require manual processes and workarounds.

Our webinar will explore how successful modernization efforts require business-IT alignment, and Agile models with industry cloud solutions improving integration. As we navigate through the landscape of the insurance and pension fund industry, we will review the operational challenges that companies encounter. This session will serve as a platform to discuss these issues and reflect on the strategic imperatives that compel a shift towards more advanced systems.

Moreover, attendees will gain insights into the varied methodologies of modernization, each with its unique advantages and considerations. We will showcase real-world case studies, illustrating the transformative power of embracing technologies. Through these examples, participants will learn about practical strategies and industry best practices, equipping them with the knowledge to navigate their own modernization journeys.

Join us for this enlightening session that promises to arm you with the knowledge and tools necessary for a successful technology transformation in your organization. Whether you’re at the helm of decision-making or part of the team driving change, this webinar is an invaluable opportunity to stay ahead in the dynamic world of annuity and insurance.

The key take-aways

Why insurance companies and annuities providers need to modernize

Risks and pressures facing the industry

Operations challenges and bottlenecks facing the industry

Differentiators for modernization success


The webinar panel

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