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Thursday, 21 September, 2023
12pm EDT

Modernizing US Payments:

Exploring FedNow's Instant Payment Adoption, 24/7 Integration, and Implementation Challenges

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Why attend

The adoption of instant payments and the introduction of FedNow represent a significant step forward in the evolution of the US payment landscape. By offering 24/7 availability and interoperability, FedNow aims to provide a modern, efficient, and user-centric payment system.

👉🏻 24/7 Integration and Interoperability with FedNow: One of the defining features of FedNow is its promise to operate round the clock, even on weekends and holidays. This 24/7 availability aligns with the demands of the modern digital economy, where transactions occur at all hours across the globe. The interoperability of FedNow is a crucial aspect as well, as it ensures seamless integration with other payment networks, both domestic and international. This interoperability fosters a harmonized financial ecosystem, allowing different payment systems to communicate and facilitate instantaneous transfers between users regardless of their chosen financial institutions or payment platforms.

👉🏻 Adoption and implementation considerations: While the concept of Instant Payments and the adoption of FedNow are exciting prospects, there are several implementation concerns that need to be addressed. Security and fraud prevention are paramount, as the speed of instant payments can potentially be exploited by cybercriminals. Additionally, ensuring the readiness of all financial institutions and service providers to connect and interact with FedNow is crucial. This requires substantial technological upgrades, and smaller institutions might face challenges in keeping up with the pace of implementation.

As the US continues its journey toward real-time payments, collaboration among regulators, financial institutions, and technology experts will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of payments in the industry. Join us to discuss “The Why” and “The How”

The key take-aways

Discuss how the 24/7 availability of FedNow enables financial institutions to extend their payment processing capabilities, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Explore how the constant availability of Instant Payements and FedNow facilitates real-time liquidity management, enabling financial institutions to optimize cash positions and reduce idle funds.

Interoperability Standards: Discuss the importance of interoperability and common standards in facilitating seamless communication between financial institutions using FedNow, promoting operational efficiency across the industry.

Collaboration and Partnerships: Explore the opportunities for collaboration and partnerships between financial institutions, technology providers, and other stakeholders to leverage the benefits of FedNow and achieve operational efficiencies collectively.


The webinar panel

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