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Tuesday, 5 December, 2023
12 pm SAST

Navigating the Financial Frontier across Pan African Region

Optimizing Treasury Operations Amidst Evolving Market Dynamics and Regulations

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Why attend

The banking industry is undergoing a profound transformation driven by evolving market dynamics and regulatory changes, such as ESG, ISO 20022, and CVA. In this context, optimizing treasury operations has become imperative for banks to remain competitive and compliant.

This webinar will discuss how banks can leverage the opportunities arising from these markets and regulatory changes, and how they can manage their liquidity reserves effectively to meet regulatory standards and market expectations, while reducing the cost of holding excess liquidity.

Just as the world had started to look beyond the post pandemic recovery and growth, we have been impacted by multiple crises – geo-political tensions and wars, sustained high interest rate environment around the world and a potential hard landing in 2024. Our panel of experts will explore best practices on becoming agile for new market dynamics.

Treasurers today face a multitude of industry drivers and macroeconomic challenges that necessitate radical new approaches to business. Treasurers need improved visibility, better forecasting capabilities, faster compliance and offer differentiated service for growing their business while managing risks prudently. To optimize their treasury in this environment, banks should consider advanced risk analytics and AI capabilities. By leveraging technology, AI and data analytics treasurers can better assess and manage risk, and optimize hedging and trading strategies for their own and customer portfolio for the volatile interest rate and inflation rate market.

To navigate the shifting landscape of new market dynamics and regulations, optimizing treasury operations becomes paramount. By embracing modern technology for risk analytics and adopting managed services, Treasury leaders can thrive in this changing environment, achieving both compliance and competitive advantage.

The key take-aways

Optimise your liquidity reserves to meet regulatory requirements and market expectations, while minimizing the opportunity cost of holding excess liquidity.

Learn best hedging and trading strategies for bank's and customer portfolio to manage volatile interest rate and inflation rate market.

Implement best practices to become agile in new market dynamics.

Understand the impact of AI for the Treasury Market?


The webinar panel

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