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Thursday, 24 March 2022
9 am EDT | 2 pm CET | 5 pm GST

Optimizing, Expanding and Monetizing

Regaining Transaction Banking Revenue Momentum

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Why attend

Transaction banking is valuable to banks because of the stable returns, sticky client relationships, low capital requirements and because it’s a funding source for the bank.

Following a sharp downturn in interest rates in 2020 which led to a collapse of net interest income on deposits and set transaction banking back years in growth, recent interest rate increases will regain momentum for transaction banking.

As banks seek to regain transaction banking revenue momentum, Celent views technology as both an opportunity and a challenge. Against a backdrop of traditional, vertically integrated bank product delivery models alongside disruptive, agile plug-and-play fintech players, Celent outlines three technology-based strategies for banks to regain transaction banking revenue momentum:

1. Optimizing client engagement
2. Expanding the ecosystem
3. Monetizing underutilized data

The key take-aways

Review of bank-led ecosystems, disrupted front-end models and the non-bank revolution across the value chain

The importance of enhancing client experience, as well as how and why this is becoming even more critical as time passes – and how to differentiate through client engagement

How a bank can take a monolithic traditional architecture stack and turn it into a componentized, loosely coupled banking platform

What the best practice for digital portals is, and how to offer a single, integrated portal with customizable, persona-based dashboards and graphical display elements


The webinar panel

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