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Tuesday, 18 April 2023
12 pm EDT

Orchestrating Lending: How to make lending process transparent, efficient and automated

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Why attend

Technology is a challenge for banks just as much as it is an opportunity. They must carefully consider any investment promising to deliver against the specific needs of their clients - across various geographies, industries and levels of complexity.

For many institutions, lending processes are “noisy”, and they need to find ways to automate and reduce the noise, ultimately shortening the time to drawdown for their corporate clients.

As well as investing in the client experience, any solution needs to work for the banks’ internal users to ensure interoperability and efficiency.

Increasingly, particularly as the lending ecosystem evolves, banks require a platform that consolidates all of their internal and external corporate lending functions and processes, providing an end-to-end, integrated solution.

This platform approach will allow banks to plug-and-play solutions as needed, upgrade and implement at a fraction of the cost, vastly reduce time-to-value and, crucially, win the hearts and minds of clients.

The key take-aways

The importance of harmonizing noisy lending processes through end-to-end orchestration.

Creating transparency that allows for clear visibility and communication.

A need for automation.

And many more.


The webinar panel

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With new technologies redefining how financial services are managed and delivered across the whole sector, banking has changed for good.

Institutions need to deliver faster, more agile and more tailored lending solutions to customers who now expect a simple and intuitive experience when it comes to all aspects of banking.

Through our orchestration of open and scalable lending solutions, Finastra is helping financial institutions to transform their technology infrastructure - thereby removing frictions associated with banking, driving sustainable lending, and delivering a better experience to a larger number of their customers.

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