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Thursday, 25 May, 2023
12 pm BST

Predicting and Mitigating Risks in the Current Banking Crisis-

How can insights into your data and scenario planning predict and mitigate risks?

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Why attend

In a time of banking crisis and failure, we will discuss how data insights and planning for various scenarios will help predict, or even mitigate risks. In the light of significant advancements in predictive analytics, how are senior Finance & HR leaders using technology or business models to get deep data insights into performance of the business, impact of various uncertain factors and provide early warning signs to business leaders? How could business leaders use real time analytics powered by technology to change business priorities and adapt quickly to conditions to survive and thrive, gaining competitive advantage?

The key take-aways

How Finance & HR leaders are using powerful analytics to empower their decision making

How are business leaders identifying and combating risks

How to use emerging technologies and powerful tools available in the market place today

And many more


The webinar panel

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