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Wednesday, 23 October 2019 - 5pm BST | 12pm EDT


How Treasuries Need to Prepare for the Imminent Arrival of Real-Time

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Why attend

The revolution in real-time financial processing has been spreading across the globe and the US financial industry will see significant advances into a real-time world in the next few years. The old world of end-of-day, batch processing with fragmented data distributed across the organization will not support the demands of real-time. Leading organizations are already addressing real-time through rich intraday insight, consolidated data and instant analytics. All in real-time. Turning Treasuries into efficient, compliant and benefit delivering functions.

The key take-aways

Upcoming changes to US & Canadian financial environments in the area of real-time

Experiences from territories around the world that have implemented real-time architectures

The challenges of sourcing and managing real-time data

The technology required to deliver an infrastructure that works intraday rather than end-of-day


The webinar panel

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Realiti® is the only liquidity management software on the market with the proven ability to manage intraday cash and liquidity in real time. Realiti's suite of insight and analytics modules combine a deep knowledge of the financial industry, intraday experts, and an innovative bank compliance management system in one modern solution. Designed and architected to continually process very high data volumes and deliver the real-time visibility demanded by an organization's various user communities, Realiti empowers progressive firms across the financial services industry to oversee intraday activity and guidance, while maintaining compliance.

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