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Wednesday, 9 June
1 pm Singapore | 3 pm Sydney

Superannuation and Asset Management in the New Digital Normal

Your Key to Cracking the Code to Cost Minimisation, Sustainability, and Strategic Growth

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Why attend

Across Australia, New Zealand & Asia Pacific, the growth of Assets Under Management continues to outpace the rest of the world – despite the pandemic. However, that growth has attracted more competition and attention from regulators, resulting in the compression of fee income, and the need for efficiency.

In addition to these challenges, customers are still driving change, requiring more personalization and transparency. The expectations of investors across segments, and intermediaries have shifted, and fund management firms must adapt.

In Australia, regulatory scrutiny will be heightened with the APRA's Superannuation Data Transformation, mandated portfolio disclosure (part of the Stronger Super legislation), and ASIC's Regulatory Guide 97 (RG97) to ensure greater transparency for fees and costs. Similarly, MAS in Singapore has been pushing for individual accountability and transparency in the asset management business.

Traditional revenue management and fee billing processes are now struggling to address complex services such as safekeeping & portfolio management of assets, performance measurement, and reporting. Fund and asset managers must focus on Cost minimisation, sustainability and strategic growth.

The key take-aways

How to address changes in the regulatory framework and margin pressures while balancing increasingly demanding and sophisticated customers?

How can asset managers adopt new business models and shift from management fees to performance based pricing in the digital age?

What are the risks attached to pricing inaccuracies?

How will advances in technologies, use of AI & machine learning, sophistication in data management drive up the importance of pricing transparency? And where should firms invest in technology, data innovation, and analytics to deliver revenue resilience?


The webinar panel

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