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Thursday, 29 September 2022
12 pm BST

The Finance Workforce of the Future

What Are the Digital Skills Needed for a Successful Transformation of the Function?

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Why attend

In a time where 'The Great Resignation' shows no sign of abating, we will discuss the digital skills needed for the future and the culture and values that an organisation needs to embed, to attract, retain and get the best out of their Finance talent. In light of significant advances in technology and automation, how are senior Finance & HR leaders creating a culture to enable their teams to move away from manual tasks and analysis and pivot to strategic business partnering, providing deep predictive insights and recommendations?

The key take-aways

The digital skills urgently needed for the future of Finance

The culture and values that senior Finance leaders need to embed to build a motivated workforce and appeal to the younger generation

How the Finance function is evolving to be predictive and proactive to manage risks

And many more


The webinar panel

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