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Tuesday, 9 November 2021
12am CET | 7pm SGT

Trade Finance

How can Local and Regional Banks Compete with International Banks?

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Why attend

Sometimes the word digitization is used to denote going from paper to electronic documents. But it spans much wider to the applications of digital technology within trade. It's the use of blockchain, AI, trade networks and more to improve trade finance.

However, the speed of digitization, application of technology, the investment required to keep up with the pace of change is a blocker for many banks. Is it truly possible for local and regional banks to compete with the investment and resource that today's biggest international players can point towards trade finance?

With the ability to deploy technology relatively quickly, at scale and ready to meet the needs of corporates in the future, smaller banks can now develop trade finance offerings more effectively than ever.

We're joined by a panel of experts to look at the blueprint for smaller banks who are looking to grow their trade finance business through modern technology.

The key take-aways

Economic Review and Market Landscape

Seven Practical Technologies which are Key for Digitization

What can banks start doing today in order to move forward in their digital journey?

And Many More..


The webinar panel

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