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Wednesday, 27 April 2022
10 am PDT | 12 pm CDT

Transforming Enterprise Revenue and Billing Systems to Enhance Treasury Management

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Why attend

Treasury management within commercial banking is evolving. Banks need to drive actionable insights and understand the trends from the rich data store in treasury billing systems, but often, professionals are constrained by aging legacy technology and time-consuming manual processes. Frequently banks would like to implement innovative strategies such as promotional pricing, advanced market segmentation automatically-aligned with customer behaviour, and carefully targeted rate structures. However, these efforts are hampered by inflexible billing systems requiring extensive manual efforts to implement and monitor such client offerings. Additionally, banks understand that not every customer relationship is the same but often, the lack of flexibility in inefficient enterprise-systems to meet their customers’ unique needs.

Join us as we assess how treasury management teams can transform enterprise billing and revenue systems to automate cumbersome manual processes, replace inefficient tools with integrated, vendor-supported suites and nimbly manage each customer partnership to reach mutually beneficial goals.

The key take-aways

Explore ways to increase customer value and loyalty to banking partners while driving increased banking profitability.

Unlock the power of treasury management customer and product data through analytics and KPIs to better understand your customer.

Break the cycle of manual processes and embrace automation to drive top-line revenue growth and customer satisfaction. Automating the sales and on boarding processes reduces manual touchpoints, increases billing accuracy, and provides a stable, predictable customer experience.

Respond to unique customer needs, while still efficiently targeting broad market segments.


The webinar panel

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