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Wednesday, 26 June, 2024
12 pm BST

Unlocking Efficiency and Agility for Bank Treasuries

The power of microservices, REST APIs, and cloud services in the digital landscape

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Why attend

Over the past decade, banks' treasury divisions have largely overlooked digitalization initiatives while focusing on digitalizing their retail and corporate banking infrastructure. Although these divisions have invested in systems to automate trade lifecycles and enhance risk and compliance frameworks for risk measurement and regulatory reporting, widespread adoption of disruptive technologies and intelligent tools to unlock treasury value has been slow.

However, this landscape is shifting due to the rising trend of microservices and as-a-Service consumption by fintechs specializing in specific areas like collateral management, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance. Organizations are increasingly adopting Rest API-enabled applications that facilitate seamless data sharing and interaction across platforms, eliminating the need for custom interfaces. These developments are democratizing access to "best of breed" solutions, which were previously exclusive to top-tier banks with substantial resources and a willingness to manage interface, integration, and support costs.

Furthermore, organizations are recognizing the benefits of managed services for treasury operations, including the advantages of evergreening (continuous updates) and distinguishing between routine updates and major upgrades. These shifts are driving organizational scalability and agility.

The key take-aways

The benefits of using a managed service for treasury operations, including the advantages of evergreening and the difference between updates and upgrades

The importance of using RestAPI enabled applications that are designed to connect, share, and consume data and actions across platforms, rather than relying on custom interfaces.

The growing trend of microservice and as-a-Service consumption from fintechs that specialize in specific activities such as collateral, risk, and regulations.

How these developments are lowering the barriers to entry for 'best of breed' enablement, which was previously only accessible to tier 1 banks with the resources and appetite to own the interfaces, integrations, and support costs.


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