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Thursday, 13 June, 2024
1 pm CET

What if SEPA Credit Transfer Instant becomes mainstream

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Why attend

The webinar panel will elaborate the end-state of the new EU payments regulation when all banks are obliged to offer SEPA Credit Transfer Instant (SCT Inst) services to retail and corporate clients. How will volumes shift for batch to real-time. What does that mean for the solution design in terms of volumes, performance, latency, peaks and liquidity? How do banks need to design their infrastructure today and how can it grow into the desired end-sate?

We will outline the requirements and current state of the industry and explore how is the awareness and preparedness across the various players in the industry. Our panel of experts will discuss some of the most fundamental questions facing the industry including but not limited to

🔴 Implementation landscape and does the current setup suffice for the EU regulation
🔴 Current Challenges with the EU regulation
🔴 How Banks need to anticipate a major stake of today’s SEPA batch volumes to migrate to instant payments in the future.
🔴 Why the anticipated usage and volume of instant payments should be guiding the solution design today.
🔴 Approaching Batched (unattended) instant payments which represent a new variant of real-time processing with additional requirements
🔴 What is the right model for banks (building vs. sourcing)

Register now to learn more about the impact if SEPA Credit Transfer Instant becomes mainstream and the challenges banks face on their compliance journey.

The key take-aways

Understand Implementation landscape and Current challenges

Explore Practical Steps for Compliance

Navigate Non-Compliance Consequences

Explore right model for banks (building vs. sourcing)


The webinar panel

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