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African Continental Free Trade Agreement

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About the Whitepaper

From corporate treasurers, to banks, the implications of a fully utilised free trade agreement across Africa could lead to tomorrow's biggest opportunities, but are you ready today?

​In response to this we gathered a panel of experts for a digital roundtable to discuss:
- The priorities for corporate treasurers, how they will take advantage of the free trade agreement.
- Some of the challenges that corporates and banks will face as a result of increased trade, then how new digital solutions can play a part as the market progresses.
- What technologies the banks are looking at in order to support corporates’ needs, and how ready banks are to adapt to these needs and support trade.

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About our Partner

Change the game: Delivering new working capital finance models through future technology

Advances in technology have permeated every aspect of life; streamlining, simplifying, and improving. For banks to navigate the uncertainty while retaining revenues, development and adoption of new technologies, including smart contracts, blockchain and cloud-based platforms is the key to growth and continued development.

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