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Building Tomorrow’s Finance Today

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Over the past few years, BSFI firms have been on a journey of reinventing themselves in multiple forms. Despite the adaptations that had already been made, the recent pandemic accelerated the industry’s developments as institutions were faced with urgent challenges that demanded rapid change. These transformations played a huge role in aiding firms to survive the pandemic and allowed them to become more resilient, not only to the challenges they faced but also to the challenges that lie ahead. In this transformation journey, CFO’s have been tasked with the great responsibility of leading transformations within their organisations, reinforcing current infrastructure and reimagining the future of finance.

In response to this, Connect Global Group and Tata Consultancy Services gathered an expert panel of industry professionals for the Building Tomorrow’s Finance Today webinar. Throughout the discussion, the panelists provided insight on:

- How the role of CFO’s has evolved in light of recent market disruptions and as the industry progresses
- What challenges financial institutions are facing in their transformation journeys
- How financial institutions are transforming
- What can be expected for the future of the finance industry

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Tata Consultancy Services is a purpose-led transformation partner to many of the world’s largest businesses. For more than 50 years, it has been collaborating with clients and communities to build a greater future through innovation and collective knowledge.
TCS offers an integrated portfolio of cognitive powered business, technology, and engineering
services and solutions. The company's 488,649 consultants in 46 countries help empower individuals, enterprises, and societies to build on belief.
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