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Corporate Banking, Regulatory Reporting

Future-Proof Regulatory Compliance to Unlock Innovation

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MAY 2022

About the Whitepaper

The burden of regulatory compliance for financial institutions has grown significantly in recent years. With authorities implementing stricter regulations and demanding granular information at fast speeds, organizations must innovate their systems to stay on top of the requirements. Now, more than ever, agility is key to achieving continuous compliance.

However, achieving this goal is much easier said than done. Given the degree of regulatory scrutiny that financial institutions face today, you must think proactively and figure out how to future-proof your organization. So to gain more valuable insights into this topic, we have gathered a panel of knowledgeable professionals who understand the problem of regulatory compliance all too well. The key discussion points are:

Balancing Long-Term Solutions with Firefighting
Feasibility of Future-Proofing an Organization
Regulatory Challenges in Today’s Complex Environment
Leveraging Data and Technology to Maintain Regulatory Compliance
Common Pitfalls in Modernizing Systems

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Oracle's Finance Modernization for Banking solution empowers the Office of the CFO with a modern, unified solution for accounting, performance, risk, and compliance. Kick-start your finance transformation with Oracle.

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