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Corporate Banking, Regulatory Reporting

Intelligence in Connected Planning and Accurate Forecasts

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APRIL 2022

About the Whitepaper

Planning and forecasting are vital steps that help businesses make informed decisions on their corporate actions. By analyzing past and present performance, managers and owners can set goals accordingly and devise proper measures to achieve them.

It has become increasingly challenging for financial institutions to stay on top of their plans and forecasts due to issues like inaccurate data and inflexible models. Without robust processes and systems, it will be challenging to forecast different scenarios and generate valuable insights for decision-making.

So to delve deeper into this topic and talk about the latest technologies, we have invited experts in the field to share their knowledge and experience. The main points discussed include:

Daily Challenges in Business Forecasting
Utilizing Technologies to Automate Manual Processes
Moving Towards a Connected Planning Environment
Best Practices to Improve Data Quality
Benefits of Predictive Analytics and AI in Financial Planning
Mapping the Future of the Financial Industry

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