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Banking in Australia 2024: Navigating the Digital Imperative for Modernization

Monday, 22 April 2024   |   1 PM Sydney 


As a banking leader, your highest priority is to leverage technology to drive business value. But in order to unlock your tech stack's full potential, first you’ll need to set yourself free from the things that are holding you back, including tech debt and legacy systems, a lack of flexibility in your roadmap, and a general underrepresentation of IT stakeholders in the boardroom. 

This is a pivotal moment because the legacy you leave behind will shape the future of your institution. So, where do you begin? What legacy should you leave behind? 

In this webinar, you’ll explore these topics and more as we share the 5 key principles behind a successful progressive modernization journey. Register now to find out how your bank can:

  1. Redesign your architecture around the customer, not the system

  2. Take a progressive approach and hollow out your core

  3. Overhaul not only your tech, but your operating model as well

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How can customer needs inform or clarify a CTO’s priorities?

How can CTOs increase the speed to value for transformation projects?

How can refreshing journeys on a platform(s) make subsequent transformation projects faster?

What should CTOs use as the criteria for which components they buy vs what they build? Has this changed in recent years?


Chris Titley



Lucas Bower .png

Lukas Bower

Partner, Oceania Financial Services Digital Engineering Leader


Keith Donne.png

Keith Delle Donne

FSI Industry Lead


Iman Ghodosi.png

Iman Ghodosi

Managing Director & VP of Sales




Register to the webinar discussion and hear from our panel of industry experts discussing key principles behind a successful progressive modernization journey

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