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Corporate Banking, Digital Banking, Customer Experience

The Fundamentals of Being Customer-Centric

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About the Whitepaper

In an attempt to capture a larger wallet-share from their customers, banks are looking at ways to be more customer-centric. Channel transformation initiatives have helped harmonize the experience, but with a siloed back-office architecture these efforts have fallen short of expectations. Pampered by seamless experiences elsewhere, customers continue to expect and demand true customer-centricity from their banking partners.

Our panelists of industry experts have gathered to provide valuable insight into:
- What true customer-centricity entails.
- How banks can make the leap from being product-centric to customer-centric
- What this means for different customer classes of customers- Retail, SME, Corporate

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Banks can reinvent, build from scratch, or pivot to respond to changes in the industry by customizing the most critical components of their banking ecosystem. Oracle’s cloud-enabled platform provides the flexibility to safely and profitably scale and innovate to continuously reimagine banking.

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