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Homeless But Still Human | Maxine Pritchard Interview

In the run-up to our upcoming charity event 'Homeless But Still Human", we sat down with one of our special guests of honour: Maxine Pritchard.

Maxine is the Head of Financial Inclusion and Vulnerability at HSBC, which involves making sure that HSBC’s products and services are accessible and suitable for vulnerable people. She has overseen many incredible initiatives, including the No Fixed Address Service in partnership with Shelter which offers accounts to people without a fixed address, tackling a key issue that many homeless people face.

During the interview, Maxine provided some valuable insight on:

⭐ What HSBC is doing to help the homeless and the financially vulnerable

⭐ The motivation behind HSBC and Shelter UK's 'No Fixed Address Service' and how it has impacted the homeless and those without a fixed address

⭐ How businesses and individuals can take action to truly tackle the homelessness crisis and end homelessness once and for all

About This Event

Since the start of the pandemic, more than 70,000 households have been made homeless in the UK. In response to this, we're bringing together key industry professionals, who are well versed in the homelessness crisis, to connect and share actionable strategies to equip and empower the homeless. Hosted at our executive box at Chelsea FC, Stamford Bridge, during the Premier League match against Brighton FC on December 29, the intimate matchday event will be the culmination of an extensive campaign to raise funds for and find solutions to alleviate Homelessness.

Tickets include VIP Hospitality, Unrestricted Match views, 4-course dinner.

🎯To learn more about this event please visit:

🎯To attend the event and get the chance to hear Maxine's insight on the homelessness crisis, please visit:


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