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Transforming Finance Now and into the Future

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

We're thrilled to be hosting the Transformative Finance Exchange this year in partnership with Oracle Financial Services. Taking place on November 18, this 4-hour digital meeting will bring together the industry's brightest minds from across Europe and the US for an unmatched business exchange in preparation for 2021.

Kicking off the event with a panel discussion "Transforming Finance Now and into the Future" with:

⭐️ Lisa Wardlaw, Chief Strategic Financial Officer at Farmers Insurance

⭐️ Jeffrey Johnson, SVP Controller at State Bank of Texas

⭐️ Tim Walsh, Principal, Banking - Cognitive and Analytics Practice at Deloitte

⭐️and our moderator: Yogi Singh, Global Head, Risk and Finance Solution Consulting at Oracle Financial Services

Realizing positive change and business benefits from #financetransformation stems from managing data effectively to produce robust analytics and predictive scenarios that drive better business action and outcome. People, processes, systems operating in harmony - using a single source of truth across the enterprise.

Join us at 1.30 pm GMT on November 18 for a timely discussion on moving towards #modernfinance, including industry best practices, reviewing functional aspects of #customerexperiences, product processing, #compliance, #financialrisk, & reporting.

It should be an insightful 45 minutes and we will reserve time for audience questions as well.

About the Transformative Finance Exchange:

Many have not experienced a year like 2020. Operating in today's "new normal" is forcing financial institutions to revisit how they can remain resilient and respond quickly to pivoting business demands. Discover the impact of these disruptive forces and learn what leading practitioners are doing to respond effectively across finance, risk, and treasury departments. 

We've curated a dynamic panel of the industry's leading voices to discuss the ins and outs of what is driving resilience in the Financial sector and how to leverage cutting-edge technologies, data, and analytics to succeed.

  • CONNECT: Overcome geographic boundaries and virtually exchange business cards with key industry contacts leading transformation in their organisations

  • GROW: Meticulously designed to maximise your growth with 4 powerful panel discussions and 15-minute one-one AI-driven intent-based meetings

  • GAIN: Access a library of on-demand videos that are helping to transform departments across financial services


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